KRR Funds is the first hedge fund type of fund in Estonia that was granted an activity authorisation by the Estonian Financial Supervision Authority. The term 'hedge fund' is a relatively new term in Estonia; a hedge fund is a fund that is allowed to earn profit for its clients on the increase and decrease of underlying assets. Hedge funds are not limited by restrictions, i.e. they are free to trade all underlying investments currently traded in the world – for example, equities, indexes, options, futures, commodities, currencies, and bonds.
We use our extensive experience and knowledge to increase the value of our investors’ fund shares, trying to find the best risk and return ratios in decreasing and increasing markets. Every day, we search for the best opportunities in 24 countries and at 110 stock exchanges; however, our main market is the U.S. stock exchanges due to their liquidity. Our team is the best in the sector – our specialists have gained experience in trading on financial markets for over 20 years.

We offer two types of funds to our clients: KRR Fund USD and KRR Fund EUR. We make similar investment transactions in both and both of them have the same terms and conditions. The only difference between the two funds is that in the case of KRR Fund USD, we invest US dollars, and in the case of KRR Fund EUR, we invest euros. In both funds, the management company will receive a 30% success fee. The owner of a fund unit can redeem their units fully or partially in accordance with the terms and conditions of the fund as at the end of the month.
The return goal of KRR Funds is a cumulative return from 1.95% to 2.85% in a month, which translates into an annual return of 26% to 40%. At a 26% return, we double the value of a share within three years.

  • KRR Fund / Return +4.33% in 2021
  • KRR Fund / Return +33.11% in 2020
  • KRR Fund / Return +12,15% in 2019
  • KRR Fund / Return -3.20% in 2018
  • KRR Fund / Return +24.29% in 2017
  • KRR Fund / Return +60.06% in 2016